Integral Yoga, Evolution and The Next Species

Part Five

Objections against Spiritual Theory of

Evolution: Answers

Against this spiritual theory of evolution, many objections can be raised.

Metaphysical objection against Evolutionary Teleology

It may be contended that if there is an ultimate Reality, which is infinite, perfect and absolute, then such a Reality, conceived in the metaphysical theory of the Absolute, cannot have any purpose in manifestation. Even if it is conceded that the Absolute is not only quiescent but also dynamic and therefore capable of manifestation, which could have some kind of purpose, it can have no purpose in manifestation except the delight of manifestation itself. It may further be argued that if an evolutionary movement is a part of manifestation, it can be there only for the delight of the unfolding, the progressive execution, and the objectless serried self-revelation. A universal totality may also, it may be urged, be considered as something complete in itself, and as a totality, it can have nothing to gain or to add to its fullness of being. In reply, Sri Aurobindo points out that the material world here is not an integral totality; it is only a part of a whole, a grade in a graduation; it can, therefore, admit in it, not only the presence of undeveloped immaterial principles or powers belonging to the whole that are involved

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