Integral Yoga of Transformation - Psychic, Spiritual and Supramental


Major change in the Process of Evolution

The manifestation of the supramental transformation leading to the highest reach of self-perfection would imply a major change in the process of evolution. There is in the present process of evolution a control of the pervading Nescience, but in this new stage the veil thus put on will be lifted; the evolution at every step will, according to Sri Aurobindo, move in the power of the Truth-Consciousness and its progressive determinations will be made by a conscious Knowledge and not in the forms of an Ignorance or Inconscience.68

In other words, the rule of the Inconscient will disappear, since the inconscience will be changed by the outburst of the greater secret Consciousness within it, the hidden Light into what it always was in reality, a sea of the secret Super- conscience. As a result, a first formation of a supramental or Gnostic consciousness and nature will take place. A farther result of the emergence of the Gnostic being would be the increasing concretization and fulfillment of the hope of a more harmonious evolutionary order in terrestrial Nature. Sri Aurobindo even envisages the transmutation of the human species and of the appearance of a supramental or Gnostic race of beings.

The supramental or Gnostic individual would be the consummation of the spiritual man. The saint, the sage, the

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