Synthesis of Yoga in The Upanishads

Part One

Vedas and Upanishads

If the Veda gave us the first types and figures of man, Nature and God and of the powers of the universe as seen and formed by an imaged spiritual intuition and psychological and yogic experience, the Upanishads broke through the Vedic forms, symbols and images, without entirely 'abandoning them and revealed in unique kind of poetry the ultimate and unsurpassable truths of self and God and man and the world and its principles and powers in their most essential, their profoundest and most intimate and their most ample reality. Between the Vedas and the Upanishads was a period 6 of development of Brahamanas and Aranyakas, which have value for the clues that they furnish to the inner truths of the Vedas; but we need not enter into them, since they fall outside our scope. As a matter of fact, Brahamanas were centered on the ritualistic aspect of the Vedas, and it is only in the Upanishads that we find a renewal of Vedic yoga, and the synthesis of the Vedic yoga became the starting-point for a high and profound synthesis of spiritual knowledge. The Upanishads draw together in great harmony all that had been seen and experienced by the inspired and liberated knowers of the Eternal throughout the earlier great and fruitful period of yogic seeking. If the Veda is world's first yet extant record of yoga, Upanishads are the first yogic interpretation, elucidation and development of the yoga contained in the Veda. In the Upanishads, the intuitive mind

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