Synthesis of Yoga in The Veda

Part Four


Vedic System of Cosmic Knowledge

The Vedic system of the cosmic knowledge is the same that we find behind the later Puranic symbols. Both in the Vedic system and the Puranic system, the cosmic existence consists of the unity of seven principles of existence and seven worlds corresponding to these principles, and they can be stated as follows:





1. Pure Existence — Sat World of the highest truth of being (Satyaloka)
2. Pure Consciousness — Chit World of infinite Will or conscious force (Tapoloka)
3. Pure Bliss — Ananda World of creative delight of existence (Janaloka)
4. Knowledge or Truth — Vijnana World of the Vastness (Maharloka)
5. Mind World of light (Swar)
6. Life (nervous being) World of various becoming (Bhuvar)
7. Matter The material world (Bhur)

According to the Vedic sages, we live in physical consciousness, and we experience only this physical world of the Earth-Mother, and we are aware only of mortal

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