Synthesis of Yoga in The Veda

Part Three

Role of the Higher Faculties

Faculties of Vastness of Light, Revelation, Inspiration,
Intuition and Discrimination

The attainment of Surya Savitri, the supramental consciousness which is creative of the worlds, and which is the power of the manifestations of the highest triple world is a culminating victory of the Angirasa Rishis and of the Vedic system of yoga. The supermind is the highest creative faculty of the One, who unites multiplicity of manifestation with the original oneness. The development of this supramental faculty is prepared by the working of the seven rivers, the mighty ones of the heaven, which are also described as the seven Mares, seven Words, seven mothers and seven fostering cows.


Saraswati is prominently described as the one connected with these seven rivers and as one of the seven rivers. Madhuchhandas describes Saraswati39 to be that power of Truth which can be called inspiration, since it is inspiration from the Truth which purifies by getting rid of all falsehood. Saraswati is thus pāvaka, the purifier, and she is full of her luminous plenitudes (vājebhir vājinīvatī). She is upholder of the sacrifice (yajnam dadhe); she is dhiya vasuh, rich in substance of thought. Saraswati is the impeller of truths and awakener of thoughts in accordance with that which is

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