The New Synthesis of Yoga - An Introduction

which has so far been claimed to be ultimate, and it also establishes that science of yoga is not a closed book, but continues to expand in the light of larger integral experiences. The aim of this book is not philosophical; it therefore avoids philosophical speculations. The sole emphasis of this book is on experiences and integrality of experiences. A new synthesis of yoga affirms that experiences, even in the spiritual field, can be exclusive and can give rise to exclusive philosophies of life but that the resulting conflict can be resolved only by a new expansion in a new experimental adventure of consciousness, which is marked by scientific rigour and thrust towards furnishing experiential proof of the knowledge and power gained by larger integral experience.

The integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother has put forward the possibility of establishing on the earth a new grade of consciousness, the supramental grade of consciousness embodied in material body, which will have a new structure, far different from that of the human body.

This yoga has also been termed as evolutionary yoga and as the supramental yoga. It examines critically the scientific theory of evolution and develops a new spiritual theory of evolution and envisages supramental supermanhood as the next stage of the evolutionary process. That man is a transitory being and that man will be followed by superman, — supramental superman, is one of the most radical visions that is neither speculative nor imaginative, but which is founded on sure knowledge derived from authentic scientific knowledge gained through methods of yoga.

It is hoped that this book will stimulate readers to study yoga as a science and to study the original works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Kireet Joshi

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