Varieties of Yogic Experience and Integral Realisation


A Preliminary Note

If experience is a means of knowledge, and even of higher and the highest degrees and kinds of knowledge by identity in which the subject and the object of knowledge are united, and if such experiences are a means of growth, of ennoblement of character and personality, of expansion, deepening and heightening of consciousness and will-force, then yoga stands out, — considering the methods that it has developed for attaining depths, heights and widenesses as also objectivity and certainty, — as a human endeavour of the highest value. For yoga is, at all levels of its stages, based on experience and it develops by accumulation of experience, and its highest peaks of knowledge, will-force and delight consist of experience. To understand yoga, therefore, we need to enter into the realm of yogic experiences.

Yoga is primarily and distinctly concerned with spiritual experience, and although in its integrality, it embraces all domains of knowledge, physical and supra-physical, its means are distinctively spiritual.

Distinguishing features of what we call spirituality are toe following:

(a) Awakening to the inner reality of our being, to a spirit,

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