But it is done

Significance of Auroville


In the Agenda of 1961, the Mother has spoken of certain con­ditions of the idea of an ideal city which could be a habitation of a collective life and which could serve as the embryo or seed of the future supramental world. In the words of the Mother:

What I myself have seen ... was a plan that came com­plete in all details, but that doesn't at all conform in spirit and consciousness with what is possible on earth now (although, in its most material manifestation, the plan was based on existing terrestrial conditions). It was the idea of an ideal city, the nucleus of a small ideal country, having only superficial and extremely limited contacts with the old world. One would already have to conceive (it's possible) of a Power sufficient to be at once a pro­tection against aggression or bad will (this would not be the most difficult protection to provide) and a protection

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