But it is done

Chapter 2

The important conditions that the Mother discovered for the

physical transformation are purification, universalisation and impersonalisation of the physical consciousness. In her con­versation with Satprem on April 6, 1963, the Mother gave a very interesting and instructive account of the progress in the imper­sonalisation of the physical consciousness as follows:

There is progress in the impersonalization of the physi­cal, bodily consciousness, with consequences that are probably interesting, but impossible to explain to people who don't understand. For instance ...


I am conscious of the body, but it isn't the conscious­ness of this body (Mother touches her body): it's the con­sciousness of THE Body—it may be anyone's body. I am conscious, for instance, of vibrations of disorder (most often they come in the form of suggestions of disorder) in order to see whether they are accepted and have an

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