But it is done

Chapter 4

Perhaps the most decisive point which the Mother has ex-1 plained in her conversation with Satprem on 14th March 1970 is concerned with the accomplishment by the Mother of the task that Sri Aurobindo had given to her. Let us study these important portions of the conversation that we find in Vol. 11 of the Mother's Agenda:

... And the action of this Consciousness ... (how shall I put it?), it almost pitilessly shows the extent to which the entire mental construction is false — everything, even apparently spontaneous reactions, all of it is the result of an extremely complex mental construction.

But this Consciousness is pitiless.

We are born in that, and we find it so natural to feel ac­cording to that, react according to that, organize every­thing according to that, and the result is ... that the Truth passes you by.

It's in the very organization of the body.

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