But it is done

Chapter 1

The integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is, in fact, a programme of yogic research,—a programe of scientific

and applied research. For Yoga is not a closed book. It is not a body of revelations made once for all, unverifiable and unsur­passable. It is not a religion; it is an advancing science, with its field of inquiry and search always enlarging; its methods are not only intuitive but include also bold experimentation and rigorous verification by means of abiding experience, and, finally, even by physical change and transformation. It is in this spirit that Sri Aurobindo and Mother went on testing day and night their exper­iments and results over decades and decades. Their programme of yogic research took within its sweep all the domains of life, all aspects of culture, and arrived at a synthesis of yoga based upon the discovery of the supermind, resulting in an ever-grow­ing methodised discipline for the transformation of man and the eventual transmutation into a new species.

It is this discovery which is at the base of the affirmation that `spiritual liberation' or Mukti is not the highest possible aim for

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