A New Synthesis of Yoga as a necessity to overcome the impasse of modernity - Skype - Track 103 (15 August 2008)

In fact I would like to refer to an anecdote as you might be knowing the Dalai Lama paid a visit to the Mother, on the 18th of January 1973. I had the privilege of receiving Dalai Lama at Madras airport to bring him to Pondicherry by car and I accompanied him when he met the Mother. So I was a eye-witness of the conversation that took place between the Mother and the Dalai Lama and he put several questions, including the question regarding Tibet because when Dalai Lama arrived in the presence of the Mother, the Mother welcomed him by saying: “ Both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother want you to go back to Tibet with full power and authority” this is an tremendous statement and naturally there are for later for when I had been with Dalai Lama alone, he asked me to ask the Mother, whether and when Tibet will be free and he’ll be able to return to Tibet, and many other questions he had put and next time when I went to the Mother after two days, I had put those questions and Mother had answered those questions, this was in 1973, one of the peak periods of Mother’s development of the Integral Yoga and those who are interested in reading the questions that I had put to the Mother and the answer that Mother gave, they may refer to the 13th Volume of the Agenda and there, there is a dialogue, this is on page no. 352, volume no. 13 of the Mother’s Agenda and I want to read out a few lines from this conversation because it concerns the exact question that I would like to dwell on. My question was concerning the supramental manifestation.

As we all know the Mother declared on 29th of February 1956, the Supermind manifested on the earth and that is the Golden Day for all of us and by 1973 Supermind and its movement had reached a tremendous stage of peak development. And when we read the Mother’s Agenda thirteen volumes, we’ll find how the Supermind was acting on the earth. In fact Mother herself has given a subtitle to The Agenda and that is very, very important, Mother has called it ‘The Agenda of the Supramental Action on Earth’, she herself has given this title to the Agenda. So you might say that all the thirteen volumes of The Mother’s Agenda describe stages after stages of the development of the Supramental manifestation. And the day, on which I had this talk with the Mother, this was the 20th of January 1973 and I was so enthusiastic about the question that Dalai Lama had put to the Mother and particularly this question about the freedom of Tibet and Mother answered this question by saying the following: If the teaching of Sri Aurobindo can spread over the world and if there is a full manifestation of the Supramental then the Supramental will be the power of liberation of Tibet, then Mother added: it is bound to come, it will come but if it goes as it is going now, it will take hundreds of years but if the Supramental is manifested, it may come quick, which does not mean ten or twenty years that will be almost miraculous.

Now when Mother said this I spoke to the Mother and said but now the Supramental is working very powerfully, this question the Mother answered and I would like to emphasise this answer because it is extremely important for all of us to share this answer because that is where we are now. Mother said: it is, it is working, it will be manifested with enough power when the right people will have the authority, for the moment it seems that the opposition, the falsehood attacks with full power before dying, never, never have men lied as much as they are doing now. It seems the old habit comes spontaneously but it must be broken. We are at a very, what we could call an unpleasant moment of the history of the earth. It is interesting because the action is very powerful but I can’t call it pleasant. There Mother added one line, but I have told you that already, I wrote it. Now Mother was referred to a message that she had given me in the month of November of 1972 and let me read out that message which Mother had given, this was the message of November 26th 1972. This message is as follows: Before dying falsehood rises in full swing, still it will understand only the lesson of catastrophe, will it have to come before they open their eyes to the truth? I asked an effort from all, so that it has not to be, it is only the truth that can save us, truth in words, truth in action, truth in will, truth in feelings. It is a choice between falsehood and truth or being destroyed.

So this was after the Supermind had descended and working powerfully and even at that stage this problem persisted. As Mother said falsehood is rising in full swing and I do not see personally that that period has fully been conquered even till today. Although if you ask me personally I would say that the conquest is so great that balance is the other way round that is to say in favour of the truth against the falsehood. Although at that time falsehood was always triumphant and the truth was at the receiving end. So this is my personal view but I personally feel that even then the passage is difficult and we have to be very responsible at this stage and that is why I would like to explore this subject with all of you. But for the moment I will stop here and invite questions if any questions have risen in the mind of friends.