At the Feet of The Mother (28 March 2008, Gnostic Centre, Delhi) - Track 105

When I was studying this problem of avatar hood I was in the grip at that time as to what Mother had said  to think with ideas and I was giving a lecture in my class, suddenly when I was picking up to avatar hood and without understanding that most of the children know what they are speaking about.  And suddenly I felt this reflex what Sri Aurobindo used a word; avatar hood is a reflex from above in a certain situation of the world.  What is this reflex? It’s instantaneous; this instantaneousness is the key to the whole concept of avatar hood. This whole world is actually a feat in which the Divine drama is being rehearsed, and when this world drama becomes ready for real action of the avatar, real manifestation, it does not take time it just enters into world and accomplishes the task. But once again when the world begins to languish those conditions are over, then there is a kind of betrayal and once again there is the preparation for the avatar hood.  I would not dwell upon this subject further; I will only say that when we read ‘Savitri’, it can be read in many ways from my points of view, but ‘Savitri’ is Sri Aurobindo’s worship of the Mother. One doesn’t see Sri Aurobindo as a worshiper but whenever Sri Aurobindo writes about Mother, every word that Sri Aurobindo writes about her is the worship of Mother.  And Sri Aurobindo is Supreme in Savitri. Whenever Sri Aurobindo describes the Mother, even the words “awakening ray”, which is the title of your magazine is one of the expressive terms that Sri Aurobindo used for the Divine Mother. “Awakening ray” the first manifested, first avatar.  The very ancient, most ancient times, when the first avatar came, and when the first and just before the first myth Savitri was written, very interesting thing Sri Aurobindo said “Savitri is eternal myth”, it was written at the very first instance.  It repeats itself.  It is the story of avatar hood, the secret of avatar hood and that secret story of Savitri is what Sri Aurobindo tells in his great book.  And although in the first canto, Sri Aurobindo describes Savitri that again is the worship of the Divine Mother then when you come to Ashwapati’s book three of the Mother and the Mother’s boon to Ashwapati when he prays and when the Supreme Divine Mother gives a boon and says she will come.  Then the description of Savitri is again the worship of the Divine Mother.  As Mother says Savitri is the prophetic vision of the future. In Savitri itself, in the eleventh book, Supreme consummation, soul’s choice and the Supreme consummation again when Savitri is offered the supreme happiness and bliss complete withdrawal from this world and Savitri refuses to take that boon, and speaks of the problem of the world, and the earth and the necessity to be of the earth and then the Divine Supreme becomes so happy, with the beautiful slave of God.  Then He says, Supreme Lord says, the mighty Mother will come one day that description is given; it is a prophetic vision which was a vision at that time.  But it was that Mother, who we saw playing tennis, being with us, — our teacher.  It is that avatar, at whose feet I think we all should be bowed all the time.  Thank you.