Bhagavagd Gita - Session 33- Track 3305

I want to read out to you some time, later on, at the end of this, Sri Aurobindo’s description of Napoleon. Napoleon is a Vibhuti. Napoleon is even a Rakshasa, an egoist ‘par excellence’, and yet when you perceive Napoleon on the stage of the world, leading the armies, marching forward, slaughtering, ruling, commanding, organising, plotting, all kinds of activities, incessantly going on from his brain, if you see these activities, you find as it were, God Himself was striding across the stage of the world, a powerful Vibhuti, a special becoming of the Divine carrying the evolution of mankind within a short time from one stage to the other stage: you might say the whole world history was changed because of Napoleon.

That is one perception that we gain and that is the mark of a sage: the sage does not condemn anything; at the same time he is not blind, he knows the masks, he knows the imperfection of the masks, he knows where is Apara Prakriti, and yet he knows that through Apara Prakriti, Para Prakriti is forcing itself, trying to manifest itself. And the whole movement is towards that harmony in which ‘sovereignty’ and ‘unity’ are automatically reconciled, the real perfection is manifested.

In a sense you might say that everything in the world is a Vibhuti of the Divine, every one of us is a Vibhuti, because there is nothing else except the Divine in the whole world.

In that sense you might say even weakness is seen as strength: it is the weakness of the child that impels mother to put all her force and protecting wings around the child: weakness therefore induces so much of power. Outwardly the child is weak but it is a tremendous force of impulsion. It imparts in you so much of inspiration to come forward to put your protection around the child. It is this vision which makes see that the mouse and the lion both are ‘sovereign’, not only the lion: what the lion cannot do, the mouse can do and vice-versa and for the lion caught in the net, mouse is supreme Lord because it is He, the mouse can liberate the lion.

So it is a different vision in which you find everything in the world, that which is weak and that which is strong, that which is good and that which is wicked, not that you become blind and say therefore everything is to be embraced equally, that also, and yet there are differences, differences because there are degrees of manifestation. This world is a gradual and a slow unfolding, and this slow and gradual unfolding, there are degrees of manifestation, and therefore wherever you see a great explosion of power, great explosion of quality, great explosion of force, great explosion of property, guṇa karma,…

Comment: Great explosion, but not in the negative form.

It can be also in the negative form.

Comment: Hitler for example.

Oh yes! Also. In the eyes you can see…everything! In the eyes of the Divine…actually Hitler was lesser than Napoleon: there is a beautiful poem written by Sri Aurobindo where he says: “Dwarf Napoleon”, that is Hitler, he is a dwarf Napoleon, who tried to be Napoleon in his mind, but he was a dwarf, he was crying and screaming all the time, not like Napoleon waking with great force and power and confidence.