Bhagavagd Gita - Session 34- Track 3402

Now, the whole thing is so much changed that he turns to Sri Krishna with the knowledge that Sri Krishna Himself is that Lord about whom Sri Krishna has explained; he is prepared now to salute Him again and again and again. He is keen now to see, not only in words, not only in some kind of a great panoramic vision of thought, but he wants to see eye to eye as it were and this is where we start with this passage and Arjuna says:

madanugrahāya paramaṁ guhyam adhyātmasaṁjñitam |
yat tvayoktaṁ vacas tena moho ’yaṁ vigato mama ||1|| (XI)

“My bewilderment has gone because the words that You have uttered to me, tvayoktaṁ vaca, the words uttered by You they have destroyed my bewilderment.”

These words have contained what? guhyam adhyātmasaṁjñitam, the deepest Self-knowledge, the deepest knowledge of the Self, paramaṁ, the highest which has been told to me; why? madanugrahāya, by bestowing grace on me, these words have been uttered by You and I have been now freed from this moha.

Now, he further says:

bhavāpyayau hi bhūtānāṁ śrutau vistaraśo mayā |
tvattaḥ kamalapatrākṣa māhātmyam api cāvyayam ||2|| (XI)

“Becoming and non-becoming, coming to birth and coming to secession of creatures, how creatures are born and how creatures die, vistaraśo mayā, this have been given to me in great detail”, because 10th chapter is Vibhutiyoga and we have seen how every detail has been expounded by Sri Krishna. “Ô kamalapatrākṣa,, Ô one whose eyes are like the leaves of the lotus, tvattaḥ māhātmyam api cāvyayam, this that you have told me is something immortal.”

evam etad yathāttha tvam ātmānaṁ parameśvara |
draṣṭum icchāmi te rūpam aiśvaraṁ puruṣottama ||3||(XI)

“Ô Lord, parameśvara, You have described to me all this, but now I want to see, draṣṭum icchāmi, I want to see, te rūpam aiśvaraṁ, I want to see the vastest, most majestic vision of Thee.”

manyase yadi tac chakyaṁ mayā draṣṭum iti prabho |
yogeśvara tato me tvaṁ darśayātmānam avyayam ||4||(XI)

manyase yadi, if You think, tac chakyaṁ, that it is possible, mayā draṣṭum, me to see all this, Ô Lord, prabho…

yogeśvara tato me tvaṁ darśayātmānam avyayam ||

“If you think that that great vision of Thee which is immortal that could be seen by me, then I want to see that vision.”