Bhagavagd Gita - Session 1 - Track 113

Question: How does one know the Divine’s will?

Answer: This is the most important question; I am very pleased.

Comment: Is it not actually the entire pursuit of life?

Comment: Is war the final manifestation of God?

Actually this is the message of the Gita that you are in a war but arrive at a situation when you will be out of war. You have to create a world in which war will have no place. That is why Bhagavad Gita and the whole Mahabharata is called śānti. The aim of Mahabharata is not war, the aim of Mahabharata is Shanti, the end is the Shanti; the whole message of Mahabharata is that although the war is a fact, fight the war, do not run away from it, but it is only by fighting the war that we will be able to create the conditions in which permanent peace can be achieved, and freedom from struggle will be achieved.

When this is synthesised then the war will be transcended. War is a state of incompleteness. When there is the perfection then there is no war.

That is the real truth. From the Divine’s point of view even Mahabharata war is not a clash. From the Divine’s point of view, it is ‘embrace of lovers’, even this great war. He sees as if people were loving each other so much are wrestling and embracing each other so tightly: that is the divine’s vision of the war.

No, it is a fact, from the Divine’s point of view: as you see two children fighting with each other, both love each other but they fight with each other very tremendously, wrestling with each other. From the Divine’s vision the whole world is quite different from what we see it, but the Gita is aware that the human point of view also has a value, and therefore has to be thoroughly worked out. If you simply tell the world that there is a divine’s vision in which lovers are embracing each other, then the real battle also will not be fought properly, even the love will not be done properly. Let everybody do the work according to his level of consciousness and don’t mix up, varṇasaṅkara is always a wrong thing: if you have a point of view, so act according to that point of view.

Why Sri Krishna says that, “I shall not take the arms”, because for Him it was only the ‘embrace of lovers’; that is why He said, “I will not take the arms”. But He did not tell Arjuna, “don’t take arms”, on the contrary He said, “You fight!” So, each one according to his own condition of consciousness he has to be given the right advice. When according to them all the four elements are synthesised, he has the real vision of the divine. There remains nothing but delight. Even the contrary phenomena are seen differently.

I would like you to have the text of the Gita with you next time. Any Gita with the translation will be all right? Because I don’t want the commentary, I want the pure text, only text and translation both in Hindi and English.