Bhagavagd Gita - Session 3- Track 310

Why does it happen so? There is a secret behind it. The secret is that if you reach this state of consciousness, then in the movement of action, something else begins to operate, which is not easily visible to us. In that state, when you have decided that you will neither be afflicted by the evil consequences, or what you think will be the undesirable consequences, or you will not be elated by the good consequences, in that state of consciousness, in that steadiness, there is a ‘true will’, of which you are not aware; that will, will be able to manifest trough it; that will, will be the ‘divine’s will’. And the divine’s will, will be able to act through you, which is neither good, nor bad, but which is divine. Divine action is not good or bad, divine action is divine, is perfect action, supreme action.

It is because of this secret that you can tell anybody whoever does not know about God, anybody, it does not matter; this is simply a technique. In a situation, when you do not know right or wrong, you are not able to decide, you take any action, towards which you are inclined most, predominantly, but you are not sure whether it is right or wrong; but you decide that, whatever the consequences of this action, “I will not be afflicted by it, I will take them in my own stride, whatever the consequences, but I will do this action perfectly well”. Then the ‘secret will’, which is behind your whole movement, because you have to be sure that behind our whole movement there is another will, of which you are not aware, you make that will operative. You were obstructing it till now, because our movement that was unsteady; because we were unsteady, the real will was not able to manifest through us: we were obstructing all the time. But make it steady, then that will, will be able to, like a laser beam; that which is behind is a light, like a laser beam, it will go through it, because it is steady. There is no unsteady movement in you, and you are prepared in your consciousness to take whatever the consequences and you will not be afflicted by it, then the divine action will manifest. This is the truth behind this sentence:

buddhiyukto jahātīha ubhe sukṛtaduṣkṛte |
tasmādyogāya yujyasva yogaḥ karmasu kauśalam ||50|| (II)

Question: Does it mean that the mental being, cannot be quieted, but that the intellect can be?

Answer: Yes, it is easier; after all, mind also can be controlled; your indrya(s) can be controlled also afterwards. First condition is ‘Buddhi’, you make Buddhi steady; then you arrive at a point when Sri Krishna will tell that even indrya(s) can be drawn back inward ‘like the tortoise’, ‘kūrma evam’: how the tortoise withdraws its limbs within itself, within its shell, similarly even indrya(s) itself will be able to be controlled; that also has to be done, but the secret is: first go to the Buddhi, because by that power, it is more easy for you to become steady.

Question: This can be done through meditation?

Answer: Yes, this is the meaning of meditation. That when you meditate…meditation has this particular purpose that you begin to ‘observe’; instead of becoming engaged in doing this, or even in thinking, you just withdraw and ‘observe’, become witness, and you observe and by observing your intellect will become quite steady; then things will become very clear to you.