Bhagavagd Gita - Session 6- Track 611

You will see here, sacrifice means that all that you have you loose forth; and then if so happens automatically what will happen is that what is loosed forth will be again offered back: this is the law of life.

In fact this is what Sri Krishna wants to say: if you want to study what is the world…We say that Bhagavad Gita, or the Upanishads, or the Veda are the books of Knowledge and this Knowledge is three fold: God Knowledge, soul Knowledge and world Knowledge. Now, if you want to know what the world-Knowledge in the Gita is, this is the world knowledge, that if you see the whole world, analyse the whole world, you will find only this basic point: it is a wavy movement, first of all. There is a huge pulsation going on, the world is nothing but a pulsation. It may seem a very simple statement but it is so, all truths are simple. The whole world ultimately in nothing but one pulsation: human body is nothing but pulsation. Even matter which seems to be inert is also if you examine, it is nothing but pulsation. This pulsation has only two rhythms: ‘loosing forth’ and ‘return’, very simple.

But in ignorance, what happens is what is returned by nature we try to keep with ourselves because of ignorance we do not know that this is the law. Whatever comes unto us, we keep within ourselves, and we do not loose forth again. Now, when we do not loose forth again, you become inactive, although you may seem to be active, but actually you are not doing what is to be done. ‘Real’ action is nothing but ‘loosing forth’, therefore all action is nothing but yajña. Action, which is not done as a yajña, is that which is really not action, it is inaction actually, it is ‘bondage’, it is inertia, you remain fixed, remain ignorant, remain bound.

This is the true Knowledge of the whole world, and Sri Krishna says that even if you do not know this law, and even if you think ‘I am keeping with myself’, it will never be possible, the world is such that even though unwillingly, it will be taken away from you: the world movement is such (only in your consciousness you will think that this is still remaining with me), but actually the world’s movement is such that nothing will remain with you. It will be loosed forth by itself, by force as it were.

In ignorance we keep ourselves whatever comes to us, even when it is again loosed forth, we still feel that we should cling to it, and there is a strife and strain in a result of that, and there is ‘bondage’. All bondage is nothing but simply this: whatever is in you or is thrown into you, you try to hold it, and whatever is still coming into you, you are still trying to amass as it were, it is you are doing it as it were, you are amassing; actually this is coming because the whole universe is nothing but this movement.

Even if you do not do anything at all, this movement will go on all the time and this is Karmayoga: do nothing and allow this movement to go on by itself, that is Karmayoga, because it will be automatically loosed forth, it will be returned, again loosed forth, again returned. This is the real meaning of yajña: to loose forth all that you have and then, it is an automatic law that whatever is loosed forth again comes back from the whole universe again.