Dharma 20th August 1999 (Auroville) - Dharma 208

Similarly in your being, Satyam, Ritam, Brihat are already present in you, allow them to move out of you, according to your Swabhava, according to your nature, according to your becoming, self-becoming, according to the rhythm of your becoming, that is all that is meant by chiseling. You will be chiseled, and when you will be chiseled, the sun there and the sun here will be one; it will be the same sunlight, shining through you. And then you will find that you have gone beyond Dharma. Dharma is keeping you on a particular line of development, but when you have crossed, you become vast then you can change with anything, when you want to be slow, you can be slow, when you want to be fast, you can be fast. There will be no rhythm which now stops you. You have learned every method.

That is why it is said, when there is perfection, you have an infinity of qualities, Anantaguna. That is given in India; the concept of the perfect person is Anantaguna, that is, infinite qualities. It is not one simple duality by which it can be defined. If you study Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, perfect personalities that ever walked on the earth, you must study Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's personalities from this point of view. What chiseling they have done of their personality, they can manifest any aspect at any given time. All the aspects are present behind. Sri Aurobindo has described the Mother, and said the Mother is Maheshwari, Mother is Mahakali, Mother is Mahalakshmi, Mother is Mahasaraswati. You know there is a small book, The Mother, you should all read. It is a very small book, which you can read anytime. But it will give a tremendous idea what the Mother is.

Many of us have seen the Mother working. Roger used to meet her day after day and have the great privilege of meeting her, finding in her great personalities, tremendous knowledge, foresight of a tremendous kind. She could see things hundreds of years in advance, no limitations because she was Maheswari. Maheswari is all knowledge, and there is nothing, which is denied to that consciousness. It is the consciousness of rita. The highest Dharma leads you to the liberation from Dharma. You go above all limitations, all rhythms, all laws of development. In fact you make a law, if you want to make a law you can make a new law. It's a power of freedom to make law, a new rhythm you can create. It is like a pianist. You know, if you are a real pianist, when you are learning to play, you are told that you should have this kind of notes, and your musical pieces which are written down before you and you practice according to the notes which are given. But when you really become a pianist you freely compose any kind of music and hundreds of music’s you can play. In fact Mother wanted an orchestra of thousand people playing together; what kind of music can be produced? It will be like sunlight throwing out millions of rays of light on the earth, Isn't it?

So this is what I have told you. Now, to briefly summarise: Dharma is the pursuit of Certainty, Permanence and Immortality. Dharma is what ought to be, has to be brought down. Dharma at the highest is Rita, which is straight rays of light issuing from truth and wideness: perception of truth, and perception of comprehensive truth. This is the highest definition of Dharma, the highest level. But from where we are, we proceed from, we move from the low to the higher. In this progressive movement, I have told you of ten states of consciousness which I read out to you. One can read out many more, but these ten are very good. I have selected these ten because they are very comprehensive descriptions. So develop these ten states of consciousness. Apart from learning chemistry and physics and so on, you learn the states of consciousness, develop these states of consciousness. While developing you will discover that there is in you a law, a rhythm of development: Dharma; Swadharma which flows from Swabhava from your nature, and behind your nature there is your great reservoir. So discover that reservoir, which is within yourself, observe it, and see how it manifests and follow it out, and develop those states of consciousness and go on chiseling, chiseling all the time. It is an infinite labour, and undertake that labour, because we are here only for that in the world.

Last time I told you why I don't like certificates, because certificates tell you that you are here to earn, you are here to learn to earn, and you are living here to earn and you are earning for living. What I am telling now is, you are here for chiseling your Swabhava, your Swadharma that is all what we are here for. Earning, eating, living are all subordinate; it is incidental. But our fundamental purpose – even if you have earned tremendously, ultimately you go to wealthiest man and say: "What are you still looking for?" He will tell you, (I have met the wealthiest people of the world myself, and I tell you they are only busy with one thing – “chiseling” their personality). When they have the highest amount of wealth they want to be good orators, they want to be good musicians, they want to be good companions, they want to measure their relationship with others, they want to mend their relationships with other people. They have got all the wealth they want, what else should be done? It is this: it is Dharma. Chiseling, chiseling, of your being, and when this chiseling will be perfect then you go beyond Dharma and you will be Anantaguna. This is our whole journey, set out before us.

I am happy that you gave me time to speak twice, and I feel very happy that I could tell you something which I really wanted to tell you with my heart, with my soul, and I got a chance to tell you this. And this, l would like in Auroville, all education to follow: Swabhava, Swadharma, and complete perfection; chiseling. That is what Mother said: "Education in Auroville is constant progress, continuing education, unending education and the youth that never ages. Thank you.