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“He is Seer, He is a thinker, the one who becomes everywhere, the self existent that has ordered objects perfectly according to their nature from years sempiternal.”

 I should like to read again.

Without sinews, it has no nerves, it is bodiless, it has no tissues of the body, there are no complications, no complexities, it's pure. Every word is a description, even He also describes that Reality, bright, bodiless, without scar of imperfection, without sinews, pure, unpierced by evil, then He is a Seer. There is a meaning of the word seer which we shall come to. He's a Thinker that is also a special meaning, which also it shall come to. He is a Seer, is a Thinker, He is the one who becomes everywhere, the Self Existent. It is not caused by anything, He exists by Himself, Self-Existent, He has ordered objects perfectly.

If you look from the top from where He is, you will see that He Himself is everywhere and all the objects at any given moment are absolutely right there, exactly where they ought to be at that moment. Since every time it is changing, He knows exactly where to put everybody in his right place at every moment provided they do not think that this is the final place for us wherever we are. Many are now perfect and where we shall be the next moment is also perfect. This is perfect that is perfect. So, we should not be bound by the present moment, we should start by saying where I am that is perfect now. It doesn't mean that this is my final place, let me be put by the Lord the next moment where he wants to put me, and it'll be absolutely the right place. He always orders things in a perfect order from years sempiternal. We shall come to this very important word, from years sempiternal.

Now let us try to understand this sentence because I said the summary of all that has been said about the Lord. It is He that has gone abroad, what is the meaning of this word. If there is only one reality, it is He, where will He go, if He is the only Reality. Where will He go outside Himself that is not possible there is nothing outside it. He is the only Reality. There is a possibility in him to objectivise Himself, not outside Himself because there's nothing outside. The word abroad is a word which means it's the process of objectivisation. This is a special capacity, special quality of the Lord remaining within Himself, within oneself it still becomes other than yourself, you objectivise yourself. You view yourself, within yourself. The whole creation is nothing but a process of objectivisation by the Lord Himself, he sees Himself. This seeing oneself is called the seer, he is the seer. There is one who sees himself is the first word that is given, he is the seer.

He was gone abroad one who has the objectivised himself, he sees himself. It is like an artist, artist when he or she draws, is an artist trying to understand himself or herself. All process of art is the process of objectivising of the artist himself, the artist understands himself, a musician understands himself, architect understands himself. The greater your vision, if you are simply one with the Lord, all your artistic creations shall be Lord’s own images. This possibility of making an image is a special character of the Lord. There is you might say, himself and his image is not only himself, he's such a reality that he also is capable of making his own image that is the meaning of a seer. The seer is one who sees himself in images.

The highest image is what is called the Idea, there are many kinds of images but the highest image is the Idea. If Reality is Satchitananda, He is Existent, and Consciousness and Bliss then the image of Satchitananda, is the idea of Satchitananda. That is why if you contemplate on the idea of Satchitananda, you can be taken to the reality of Satchitananda. This is the secret of the process, how do we realise ourselves? If you contemplate on the idea of Satchitananda, contemplate again and again. Then you become the seer, when you possess the idea, it'll be a reflection of the Supreme and then that reflection will throw you back into the Reality. The idea is not a fiction, idea itself is a form, an image, − the subtlest image is the idea. The artist who paints, the musician who plays the tunes of the sounds, are all artists. The highest artist is a seer, he has the idea, Supreme idea, the comprehensive idea.