Isha Upanishad - Super school - Auroville - Isha Upanishad 1004

Of which we are not aware at the present moment of life. You write a poem in your dream of which are not ordinarily capable, sometimes you do have a memory of a poem in your dream, which you write when you wake up, without much effort because it is already being driven down. It has come up, of this you are completely ignorant and then there is even deeper knowledge for which a soul is aspiring, we are not aware of our own soul’s aspiration. There is a preparation going on secretly is it where and because you're not aware of it, we take a long time to allow the soul to come to the forefront and sometimes we find that suddenly the meet somebody and in a minute we are a different person. Why does it happen because a lot of it was being prepared behind without your knowledge. There was a big aspiration that was rising inwardly but you were too busy with many things. So you were not aware of it but suddenly it in a moment of leisure you meet somebody − a little ignition, a little meeting with somebody and you are transported into something quite different. You become a new person, you are reborn. And then there is superconscious and huge ocean of superconscious. We shall talk later on about superconscious but all that is around us here, right from superconscious, subliminal, psychic and subconscious and we are aware only of a small little thing. So we are having psychological ignorance, we do not know our own psychology.

Then you have constitutional ignorance, we do not know that our soul is our king working. It is the hardly know about it as Sri Aurobindo says that soul is like an exiled King. A king who has been exiled, so the real constitutional king is exiled, we don't even know that it is the real master of our being, we think that the mind is the king. Really speaking mind is never the king, even when you think that the mind is your king, it is never the king or sometimes you think my vital power or ambition is my king, as many great warriors and conquerors have felt in their life. They are ruled by their passion of ambitions to capture power to rule the vital desire that is the king as far as they are concerned. Some people regard their body to be their king. To take care that your breakfast is arranged properly, lunch is prepared properly, your dinner is prepared properly and your life is so organised that you've no difficulty of a lunch dinner breakfast. Your whole life is ruled by their bodily needs. And how many people are upset with their breakfast is not ready in time and the dinner is not according to their right cooking, this is not soft this is so very hard you can't eat nicely and your whole day is finished. It is because they think that the body is the king, the ruler is the body. So we have this constitutional ignorance, we do not know who is the ruler. We are not able to give to the ruler the real reins of power. In fact, to take a decision, I do not normally ask that let me ask my exiled King. He is the real king but he is exiled that I should be able to go to him and ask him: ‘Please, I have to take a decision, what is your will. You are the real king.’ If you're able to do that then you'll get the right advice because he is a real ruler. Instead I go to my desires and ambitions, which desire is more prominent, which is less, from where I shall get more from where I shall get less and I compare and take a decision. Most of the human beings are encircled in these decisions in which we refer only to the hierarchy of my desires. I have a possibility of becoming a doctor, or engineer, or a lawyer. And I ask myself, in which I shall get the best, if I'm engineered I'll earn more, or if I'm a doctor I shall earn more or whatever the small little things we decide. And then I say, ‘I'll be a doctor because then I can charge anything afterwards. I spend five years of study and then you can make money.’ There was one very big lawyer at one time and I happened to meet him and he said, ‘Kireet, you join me and we will make money together. You and me together, we shall mint a lot of money. I said: ‘Thank you very much; I don't want to earn money in that way. You have to refer to the soul, what is the wish of the soul. Because of our constitutional ignorance and we are constantly being snared by this little thing that little thing.

And then as a result of all these six ignorances, the seventh ignorance starts the seventh ignorance is practical ignorance. Because all these ignorance accumulate and ultimately at every moment we are obliged to do something, all human beings are obliged to do something. As Sri Krishna says in the Gita that there is none in the world who can escape action,− the minimum action that you are obliged to do is to breathe. It’s also an action, breathing although you may not feel it is an action. When you are very tired and you can't breathe then you realise that breathing is also an action. So every moment we are obliged to do something, act, and since we do not have this six-fold knowledge and since we are obliged in the six-fold ignorance every action of ours is imperfect.

In every action of ours there is a mark of imperfection. Our action is either weak that is one imperfection, or incomplete, or it is wrong, − these are the three maladies of a work, three sicknesses of a work, − weak action, incomplete action, wrong action.