The Ascent towards Supermind, Part II, Chapter XXVI - The Ascent towards Supermind 109

Apart from seeing, if it is also combined with hearing then your knowledge of the objects become greater. For seeing the objects have to be nearer to you but for hearing, objects can be even far off and yet you can catch hold off by hearing. Hearing and seeing are the two fundamental powers of the illumined mind, − Ila and Swaraswati when you put them together. Drishti and Shruti these are the special words of the Veda, when you see and you hear. When you enter into illumined mind the objects of your knowledge are so multiple – millions and millions of things you can see and hear and cognize them and your capacity to act than becomes multifold. Today all our activities are governed by our knowledge of the mental mind by the ideative power but if you can develop further and develop millions of eyes, millions of ears then the capacity of action would be quite different, which we can’t imagine now.

What kind of poetry you can write with this kind of consciousness? If with two eyes and two ears, we can write a beautiful poetry like Shakespeare and Shelly, what kind of poetry can you write with that kind of consciousness?

If you add touch, to sight and hearing; your knowledge of things becomes so intimate because both sight and hearing keep the object still far off from you to some extent but when you touch an object there is a greater sense of possession and identity. So, the whole object the whole universe is known by your touching it – no doubt remains at all when you really touch a thing. So, you multiply this capacity million fold and you get the power of intuition that is the intuitive mind – Intuition is Sarma. Hearing is Swaraswati – Illumined mind has both these powers but in the intuition Swaraswati, Ila and Sarma all of them are together. It’s not as if when you reach there the lower powers are cancelled, they become even more intensified.

And then supposing you have one huge eye, one eye in the whole sky – what will be the capacity of your perception? One eye, this is the description given in the Veda of Vishnu. Vishnu is an eye spread out on the whole sky. It’s not Sahasraksha but one single eye spread over the whole sky that’s the overmental visions of things. Even that is a global eye, which can see whatever is seen but supposing you have one eye covering not only the upper sky but also the lower sky. We see only the upper sky and therefore, all that is below the sky can be seen by it but supposing sky is all over. Even America also has got a sky although it is downward. Supposing there is an eye which covers all, entirety that is Supermind. The eye of the sky, which is seen from above is a global vision but the vision of supermind is the total vision not only global, but total vision, − everything is integrated.

This consciousness Vedic Rishis discovered already exists, it’s not to be manufactured – already exist and in the evolutionary process it is pressing downwards. Therefore, although we may not be aware of the pressing of this higher consciousness upon us, it’s already doing it. Therefore, in the evolutionary process while we are pushing ourselves from below, upwards there is also a movement from above downwards. It is by the combined movement of these two things that our evolution can be made rapid.

It is this process that Sri Aurobindo describes in the whole chapter. All that I have told you is a short introduction to all that is said in this chapter. I will request you to read at least next five or ten pages and then we shall meet again.

Just hear a little about Daksha. Daksha is the power of discrimination; it is also in the intuitive consciousness. When you touch, you can distinguish one from the other much more easily. Power of discrimination that’s the intelligence, the eye, ear and touch, − all these are intelligence, even the eye and ear can discriminate, touch also can discriminate, it’s a power by itself. It is not that intelligence alone has its discrimination all these are powers of intelligence. Discrimination is also a power of intelligence. Although ordinarily in the human being it is the power of discrimination which is regarded as a power of intelligence in our human mentality. But when we come to this point then we find that all these powers are powers of intelligence. Daksha is not the one eye, Daksha is always the power of discrimination, it distinguishes one from the other.