The Synthesis of Yoga - Super school Auroville - The Synthesis of Yoga 904

All life is life on the earth as also life which is above the earth. You remember last time we spoke of different planes of existence, all the cosmic planes, from satyamayi prakriti; chaitanyamayi prakriti; anandamayi prakriti, then vijnanamayi prakriti, manomayi prakriti, pranamayi prakriti, annamayi prakriti. All this is the domain of life. In the past there was exploration of all the planes but there was one thing that was missing. How to unite the highest plane of prakriti with the lowest plane of prakriti?

How to unite the Supreme Consciousness with the inconscient? Inconscient is even below matter. Even matter is not the lowest. How to transform inconscient was not even explored and Sri Aurobindo found that unless you explore this plane and do it all life cannot be transformed. If you want a complete transformation of life then you should find out the method by which the Supreme consciousness can enter into the inconscient and can transform it. Even the inconscient becomes conscious and supremely conscious. This is the secret. Unless you do this… there are four stings of life -- you know just as a scorpion has a sting similarly life has stings: sting of death; sting of sorrow; sting of darkness; and sting of falsehood. These are the four stings of life.

Question: What is falsehood?

When I make an error and admit this error it is not falsehood. When I make and error and tell the people look it is true and try to make other believe that it is true, that is falsehood. When I insist upon error as true it is falsehood. If I make an error and tell people that I may be in error, there is no falsehood in it. When I know that something is an error and yet present it to other people as true that is falsehood: I did not see that you passed from here and went up to there but I tell somebody that I saw you coming from here to there. But if I say that I don’t remember, you might have passed that is not a falsehood. It is always possible that you might have passed but I have really not seen you, but during this hour you don’t pass and I tell somebody I really saw you passing that is called falsehood.

This is one of the stings of life. Life is full of falsehood, if you go around the world you will see how many people in the world are living in the realm of falsehood. They believe something to be wrong and yet they put it before other people as right and canvas it saying: “Yes it is true”. I may not be a saint and yet I allow people to believe that I am a saint, it is a falsehood. I may not be a philosopher and yet I believe that I am a philosopher, that is falsehood and I try to make other people believe that I am a philosopher, it is a falsehood. A true seeker must be so transparent, so shining that there is no shadow of falsehood arising in it. That is the big sadhana. Not to speak anything is easier but to speak and yet speak the truth, that is very difficult. That is the difference between other yogas which deny life and this yoga which accepts life. Other yogas will say because when you speak you may somehow speak falsehood don’t speak at all. Deny all speaking then you will never tell a lie. It is very much simpler but if you speak and always tell the truth it is a very difficult task. And Sri Aurobindo says speak but speak the truth. Do not deny to yourself the happiness of speaking. Accept the life of speaking but transform it, speak the truth. These are the four stings; death, sorrow and falsehood, darkness, which are inherent in our present life. As soon as you accept life these four things immediately present themselves.

The question is: can we have real life in which these stings are removed? That is the problem of life. If you don’t live at all there is no death; it is only if you live that there is death. If you don’t make any effort at all -- become like a log, like a stone, there is no sorrow. Only when you begin to live there is pain, pleasure, joy, sorrow, etc… If you don’t live you don’t move from darkness to light. If you are in darkness you don’t even know that there is darkness. A stone does not know it lives in darkness. Experience of darkness comes when you begin to live, begin to move forward. When we say all life is yoga if you want to make this world a heaven on the earth then it should be a perfection of life in which these stings don’t exist. The fact that these stings exist means that life is not yet transformed. Now, Sri Aurobindo asks this very question: Why is life not yet transformed? And how can life be totally transformed?

This is a question which was not even addressed in the whole history of mankind. The question was asked in a certain way but not fully, not centrally, not fundamentally. It was said that if you want to go out of these four stings you reject life and go upwards. In life it is not possible. This was the answer obtained up till now. If you want to get rid of death, darkness, sorrow and falsehood you just renounce life. And find out the way by which life can be renounced; what is the effective method of withdrawing from life. Of course, one method is suicide but it was found out that this is not sufficient because you have rebirth and you cannot cut off from rebirth. So suicide was given up. While living, but not committing suicide and yet withdraw from life -- how could you to do it-- They found out many methods of doing it. These are called yogas which are life-negating. You negate life and come out of life and attain to a higher state of consciousness -- don’t come down at all on life -- they you feel that you are blissful all the time. As I said, if you don’t speak, the question of speaking falsehood does not arise. Just do not speak anything, reduce your life activity to the minimum, the most minimum. Sri Aurobindo found that there is a way, but that way is difficult, and he made a new path as it were, hewed from a virgin forest, and he found out that there is a way by which the inconscient can be transformed. When this inconscient begins to move upward it produces these four flowers. So unless you deal with this inconscient and transforms it, you cannot get rid of these four stings.

Therefore the Integral yoga that we are going to study, is a new yoga in which this new secret has been found out. Mother one told me that when you take your classes the first thing you should explain is this. I have taken such a long time to tell you this -- after nearly one year. Actually, I should have continued my first lecture through such a long term, without given you any break, until I came to this point. So, count this is my first lecture to you!

The most important thing to be learnt is this new secret. The secret, first of all, is that these four flowers arise from the inconscient. They are not tied up with life itself, if they were tied up with life itself then it means that life will be always like this. Sri Aurobindo discovered that it is not true. Life inherently is not this. Life by its own nature is deathless -- in life there is no death. Life is eternal life always; life is full of delight; life is always luminous; life is absolutely truthful. It is because the inconscient has intervened that there is a fall of life. There is a glory of life and there is a fall of life. In Savitri there is a chapter entitled (Book II, Canto 3) The Glory and the Fall of Life in which Sri Aurobindo explains how life in itself is deathless, sorrowless, luminous and true. And he explains how this has fallen and has become subject to these four things. This is very important because many-many panaceas have been proposed in the world: capitalism, socialism, communism, liberty, equality, fraternity, so many good names have been given. And people have been trying all the time how to bring out a new kind of social order in which there is great happiness, great joy, people living like brothers and sisters. How to do that? Sri Aurobindo found out that unless you work here all these glorious things will not happen permanently. You will arrive at some little thing and it will break down. There is a big dragon, as it were, sitting at the bottom of things and whatever you achieve is swallowed by it. How to deal with this dragon? Such is the stupendous task that the Mother and Sri Aurobindo did. It is in doing that that you can fulfil this statement: all life is yoga.