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Extension Services


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Extension Services

Extension Services

Extension Services

Extension Services

Children's University is envisaged as an engine of impetus to the programs of child care and development in the whole state of Gujarat.

(1)Prenatal care is the first step in the care of the child.

(2) The Children's University will assist the state government to develop a scheme of organizing Tapovans in different parts of the State, which will provide to the young men and women:

(a) A program of social education that will underline the importance of prenatal care of the child.

(b) Time and leisure to spend in the healthy atmosphere of Tapovan, so as to experience:

(i) Sacredness of the earth and nature and natural beauty;

(ii) Uplifting music;

(iii) Great images (statues and paintings);

(iv) Special gardens designed to evoke great themes of: Youthfulness, Progress, Harmony, Life, Light, Delight, etc.

(3) The university will also assist the state government in developing and implementing the scheme of "EVERY CHILD MATTERS".

Under this scheme, the State will promote the programmes of:

(i) NirogiBalak;

(ii) Chiranjivi Yojana..

Extension Services

Extension Services

It will also ensure that, in every town and in every conglomeration of villages in Gujarat, there will be a group of citizens, who will take the responsibility to ensure that:

(a) Every child - birth receives adequate care and protection;

(b) Every child receives medical care in time of illness and accidents;

(c) Every child receives facilities of play fields, and even of sports ground, stadium and swimming pool;

(d) Every child receives advice about diet and nutrition;

(e) Every child receives advice about development of stamina, muscle power and growth of proportions of the body and formation of good habits;

(f) Every child receives right environment and help for study and development of faculties;

(g) Every child receives advice and training in respect of road safety;

(h) Every citizens' group for "EVERY CHILD MATTERS" will undertake a big program of providing a message to the citizens that:


Extension Services

Extension Services

(i) Every Citizens' group will have in its constitution at least

(a) One Engineer;

(b) One Doctor;

(c) One Teacher; and

(d) One member of the Police or Army.

(4) The Children's University will encourage establishment of Bal Bhavans in different parts of the State as alsoa modern Bal Bhavan in the campus of the University.

• For this purpose, the State Government will develop a program of establishment and conduct of Bal Bhavans (big or small) in cities, towns and even in villages.

• Bal Bhavans will have a number of facilities for development of extra curricular activities during holidays and vacations.

• Every Bal Bhavan will have a select library and a cinema hall for exhibiting children's films on varieties of topics particularly those relating to:

(a) Cultural themes of India;

(b) Heroism and freedom movement;

(c) Indian art;

(d) Indian music;

(e) Indian dance;

(f) Indian crafts;

Extension Services

Extension Services

Extension Services

Extension Services

(g) Indian folklore;

(h) Great discoveries of ancient India and modern world;

(i) Great inventions of ancient India and modern world;

(j) What you need to know about your own body;

(k) The theme of the Aim of Life.

(5) Along with the Bal Bhavans, the university will also promote the development of an organization of "Little Children's Theatre" as a part of Bal Bhavan or even independently.

(6) The Children's University will also have a centre for continuing education and distant education including telecasting programs of social education throughout the State.

(7) There are a number of museums in India and in the world but the children do not have an opportunity to visit them.

• The Children's University will encourage a program of visits to museums, and it will also provide to schools in the State films on various museums in the country and in the world, which can be exhibited in the schools from time to time.

(8) In order to enhance the value of the Extension Services, the Children's University will issue from time to time brochures, pamphlets, or occasional papers on the themes related to the development and welfare of children.

Extension Services

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