Chidlren's University - Preface


Preface The idea of Children's University was presented by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat at a workshop of eminent educationists of the country on 9th June 2008. At this workshop, the Hon'ble Chief Minister explained the need of the University. He pointed out that the University will be centered on research regarding children. He added that the children of today are put under the turmoil of unnecessary pressure and that this situation needs to be remedied. He further added that the modern world is moving rapidly towards the formation of nuclear families, and children begin to become marginalised in terms of care and protection to which they have a natural right. In this context, the Hon'ble C.M. said, the Children's University, as he visualised it should come forward to ensure all the needed help and care, not only in terms of physical health but also in terms of psychological needs, so that the children of today and tomorrow grow up under warm and affectionate care extended to them by the entire society into holistic presonalities capable of serving the country and humanity to the best of their abilities. The educationists at this workshop warmly welcomed the idea and presented a number of useful suggestions.

On 12th September 2008, The Government of Gujarat constituted a Task-Force under my chairmanship for formulating action plan and



roadmap for establishment of Children's University in Gujarat. This TaskForce had three meetings, - first on 6-7th October 2008, second, on 2-3rd January 2009, and third, on 19-20th March 2009.

During these meetings, the Task-Force formulated not only the vision, mission, and objectives, but also laid down details of the areas and functions of the University, viz, Research, Education, Training, and Extension Services.

The structure of the University was also discussed. A special committee was constituted to formulate a Bill for Children's University, consisting of the chairman, and member-secretary of the Task-Force and Dr. Abhaya Kashyap and Professor J.S. Rajput. The draft Bill was re-drafted in the Department of Education under the guidance of the Commissioner, Higher Education, and Principal M.R. Upadhyay.

After the approval of the Cabinet, the Bill was moved by the Hon'ble Education Minister, Shri Ramanlal Vora, in the Vidhan Sabha on 28th July, 2009. The Bill was passed by the Vidhan Sabha after a debate in which several members of Vidhan Sabha participated.

After receiving the assent of H.E. the Governor of the State of Gujarat on 31st July 2009, the Bill has now become Children's University Act, 2009.



This introductory Handbook aims at presenting to the readers a synoptic view of the Children's University as also some details of the ideas which were crystallised by the Task-Force, and which, it is hoped, will guide the University while framing the programmes of its work. Appendix I gives the list of the names of the members of the Task-Force and appendix II gives the text of the Children's University Act, 2009.

Kireet Joshi


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