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The modern age is marked by breathtaking discoveries and inventions. But nothing is perhaps so significant and pregnant for the future as the discovery of the child and the modem educationist's efforts for the invention of the New Education which would be appropriate to the ever- fresh discoveries of the mysteries of the child.

We witness today an endless explosion of knowledge, and we do not know if we can psychologically contain this explosion. We need to ask, as in the Chhandogya Upanishad, if there is knowledge possessing which all can be known.

Is there, we may ask, an all-embracing project of work-experience that would generate a continuing process of life­ long education?

All these are fascinating questions, and we can suggest that all of them are centrally relevant to the question as to why we need a new education for tomorrow.

The present book is a result of a Workshop that was organised at Baroda under the auspices of the Sri Aurobindo Research Foundation. The Workshop was conducted by Kireet Joshi and participants included eminent educationists, professors and teachers as also a few students.

In view of the widespread feeling in the country and elsewhere to bring about radical changes in the educational system, this book can be expected to stimulate further thought and experimentation and to contribute to the shaping of education in the corning days.

Kireet Joshi (b.1931) studied Philosophy and Law at the Bombay University. He was awarded Gold Medal and Vedanta Prize when he stood first class first in the M.A. Examination. He was selected for I.A.S. in 1955 but resigned in 1956 in order to devote his life to the study and practice of Sri Aurobindo's Yoga at Pondicherry. He was responsible for the establishment of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Educational Research at Auroville.

Invited by the Union Government of India he joined the Ministry of Education as Educational Adviser in 1976 and later as Special Secretary in the Ministry of Human Resource Development. He was Member of the University Grants Commission from 1982 to 1988. He was also Member Secretary of National Commissions on Teachers which submitted two voluminous reports in 1985.

His works include, "A Philosophy of Education for the Contemporary Youth", "A Philosophy of Evolution for the Contemporary Man", "A Philosophy of the Role of the Contemporary Teacher", "Education for Personality Development", and "Sri Aurobindo and The Mother". He has also edited "The Aim of Life" and "The Good Teacher and the Good Pupil". He is currently the Honorary President of the Dharam Hinduja International Centre of India Research. He is also Honorary Chairman of the Value Education Centre. He has recently been appointed Chairman of the Auroville Foundation.




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