Importance of Sanskrit

Modern Sanskrit Literature: Tradition and Innovations


The story of the modern Sanskrit literature does not coincide exactly with that of the other Indian literatures during the corresponding period. But there is an undoubted link between the two. In the beginning, the Indian climate for literature was greatly determined by the impact of English literature and Western thought. The intellectuals, who were few in number but were powerful by their talent and originative vigour, admitted practically the occidental view of our past culture as only a half-civilisation. Their governing ideals were borrowed from the West or at least centrally inspired by the purely Western spirit and type of their education. This movement of thought did not and could not endure. Although something of it still continues, its engrossing power has passed away. However, three important consequences that resulted during this period were of immense value from the point of view of the re-awakening of India. The first result was that Indian mind revived its old unresting thirst

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