Importance of Sanskrit

Sanskrit and multisided literature of knowledge

Right from the Vedic times, there has been in India a tradition of synthesis of knowledge; Vedas themselves have spoken to celebrate discovery of new knowledge and of the development of wider and higher peaks of knowledge. As a result, Sanskrit has been a vehicle, not only of sublime and inspiring literature but also of Yogic science, philosophy, Dharma shastras, ethical codes and numerous systems of natural science, applied science and pragmatic knowledge. It is well-known that Sanskrit contains the earliest discoveries of zero and decimal system and the works of Aryabhatt and Bhaskaracharya rank among the best in their various fields. In regard to trigonometry, original insights are to be found relevant in Sanskrit literature and Madhvacharya (1350 to 1410 AD) well anticipated in advance the works of Newton and Leibnitz in regard to integral and differential calculus. Indian mathematicians enunciated formulae for the value of pi.  Astronomical knowledge figures even in the earliest Vedic Samhitas and the remarkable development of astronomy in India through

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