Importance of Sanskrit

Science in Sanskrit Literature


 “Thou hast woven, O Mystic Fire, the earthly speed-ranges by thy light and the force of thy mighty power….”

This prayer in the Rig Veda (6.6.6) is an illumining illustration of a scientific truth of the speed of light, which was discovered at least five thousand years ago, and which has been expressed in the ancient but ever-young language, Sanskrit, which was at one time a vehicle of a vast body of knowledge, and which we can visit once again to recover that knowledge, and even to rejuvenate ourselves for further advancement of knowledge in our own times. We can see in this verse, which has been taken from the Ŗg Veda, the ancient awareness of various speeds of earthly energies, and the assured confidence that the speed of light transcends all other physical speeds in such a way that the latter can be measured in terms of the former.

We may also refer to another verse of the Rig

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