Importance of Sanskrit

Vedic Sanskrit: A Linguistic Approach


Linguistics is a discipline of mental science and has its origin in the study of the Veda itself. Indeed towards the close of the 18th century, a fresh linguistic study of the Veda opened up with Sir William Jones' perception of intimate correspondence among Sanskrit, Greek and Latin words. It is true that in the middle of the 19th century, when Max Muller began to exult in the formula, "pita, pater, pater, vater, father"; it appeared that the science of language was at the point of self-revelation. This science, however, proved to be so difficult that retrospectively Max Muller's famous formula can now be seen as only a gateway to bankruptcy of the science of the comparative study of languages. The great philologist Renan was obliged in the later part of his career to a deprecating apology for the "little conjectural sciences" to which he had devoted his life's energies. It is again only recently that science of language is now making some headway, but even then we have not been able to investigate rigorously

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