Landmarks Of Hinduism - Preface



This is a collection of papers which were written at different times for different occasions. They present reflections on the theme of Hinduism and how the Vedic knowledge which is greatly revered by Hinduism contains valuable bases for new discoveries, and which are relevant to the needs of our own times. Inevitably, some important ideas will be found repeated, but it is hoped that they will serve as reiterations.

Hinduism is a non-dogmatic religion which acknowledges yogic science to be superior to religion. It has a capacity to renew itself and to invite adherents of other religions and even those who do not belong to any religion in a quest whereby religions can be united in a spirit of non-exclusivism. It is to the service of harmony that can be achieved by surpassing exclusivism that the papers collected in this book are dedicated.

New Delhi

Kireet Joshi


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