Globalisation and Culture - Concept of the Exhibition (9-10 July, 2003)

Concept of the Exhibition (9-10 July, 2003)

Concept of the exhibition to be mounted on the occasion of the International Conference on Dialogue among Civilizations to be held on 9-10 July, 2003 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi


The message of the exhibition to be highlighted at the beginning of the exhibition:

एकं सद् विप्रा बहुधा वदन्ति

"Truth is one; the learned speak of it in various ways." At the end of the exhibition, the following message should be highlighted:


Move together in unison.


 Conduct dialogues among yourselves with good will.

सं वो मनांसि जानताम्

Share your knowledge in harmony.

This is the perennial message to humanity from the ancient dawn of civilization.


The Exhibition will have three sections representing the three main themes:

i) Education

 ii) Scientific Quest

 iii) Ethical and Spiritual Values


Education This theme should be highlighted through appropriate pictures, quotations, symbolic representations in such a way that the following three ideas are brought in relief:

a) Education promotes knowledge

b) Knowledge promotes civilization

c) Education for All promotes Dialogue among all Civilizations harmoniously


Scientific Quest

This section should be focused on the following three key concepts:

a) Contemporary frontiers of scientific quest and the emergence of the theme of consciousness.

b) Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, Philosophy and Spiritual Knowledge have come together in a dialogue on the theme of consciousness.

c) The central theme of today: science and spirituality.

The bridge between science and spirituality can be built only by dialogue

Concept of the Exhibition (9-10 July, 2003)

Concept of the Exhibition (9-10 July, 2003)


Ethical and Spiritual Values

(a) Ethical and Spiritual Values through dialogue among religions (Appropriate quotations from different religions have already been furnished by NCERT, which can suitably be used in this section.)

(A small Exhibition, prepared on Zoroastrianism, is to be presented towards the end of this section, since Zoroastrianism is an example of a religion that has maintained its identity and has a peaceful presence in Indian Culture. This exhibition on Zoroastrianism is ready and is to be suitably incorporated in the totality of the exhibition in Vigyan Bhavan.)

(b) Ethical and spiritual values through dialogue among Scientists, Philosophers and Humanities: This dialogue fosters the pursuit of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

Ethical and spiritual values transcend conflict and meet in harmony through the process of dialogue.

(c) Ethical and spiritual values fostered by dialogue through UNESCO:

International Understanding and Peace

Concept of the Exhibition (9-10 July, 2003)

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