Globalisation and Culture - Mundaka Upanishad

Mundaka Upanishad

are his voice, air is His breath, the Universe is His heart, Earth lies at His feet. He is the inner Self in all beings."

After presenting a beautiful imagery of the Universe, in which gods, demigods, men, beasts, birds, oceans, mountains, rivers, plants and even works are shown to be issues of the Supreme, Angiras concluded by revealing the most valuable secret:

"The Spirit is all this universe; he is Works and askesis and the Brahman, Supreme, immortal. 0 fair son, he who knows this hidden in the secret heart, scutters even here in this world the knot of the Ignorance."

But how to know the Supreme?

Angiras expounds the methods of Yoga, the important elements of which are the following:

"Take up the bow of the Upanishad, that mighty weapon, set to it an arrow sharpened by adoration, draw the bow with a heart wholly devoted to the contemplation of That, and 0 fair son, penetrate into That as thy target even into the Immutable."

"Meditate on the Self as AU.M and happy be your passage to the other shore beyond the darkness."

"(Discover) a mental being (in you), which has taken his firm foundation in heart in matter, and which is the leader of the life and the body. By its knowing the wise see everywhere around them That which shines in its effulgence, a shape of Bliss and Immortality."

"The knot of the heart's strings is rent, cut away are all doubts, and man's works are spent and perish, when is seen That which is at once the being below and the Supreme."

"There is a supreme golden sheath (above the mental being); in that sheath the Brahman lies, stainless, without parts. A splendour is That. It is the Light of Lights, It is That which the self-knowers know."

Mundaka Upanishad

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