Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy of Nationalism and Internationalism - Also by Kireet Joshi

Also by Kireet Joshi

Also by Kireet Joshi
Books on Synthesis of Yoga and Allied Themes

  • Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
  • The New Synthesis of Yoga – An Introduction
  • Varieties of Yogic Experience and Integral Realisation
  • Significance of Indian Yoga – An Overview
  • A Pilgrim’s Quest for the Highest and the Best
  • Synthesis of Yoga in the Veda
  • Synthesis of Yoga in the Upanishads
  • The Gita and its Synthesis of Yoga
  • Integral Yoga – An Outline of Major Aims, Processes, Methods and Results
  • Integral Yoga of Transformation – Psychic, Spiritual and Supramental
  • Supermind in Integral Yoga – Problem of Ignorance, Bondage, Liberation and Perfection
  • Integral Yoga and Evolutionary Mutation – Its Aid to Humanity and Human Species
  • Integral Yoga, Evolution and The Next Species
  • Sri Aurobindo and Integral Yoga

Books on Philosophy

  • A Philosophy of the Role of the Contemporary Teacher
  • A Philosophy of Education for the Contemporary Youth
Also by Kireet Joshi

Also by Kireet Joshi
  • A Philosophy of Evolution for the Contemporary Man
  • Philosophy and Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and other Essays
  • Philosophy of Value-Oriented Education (Theory and Practice)
  • Philosophy of Indian Art
  • Philosophy of Indian Pedagogy
  • Towards a New Social Order

On Indian Culture

  • Glimpses of Vedic Literature
  • Stories for Youth In Search of a Higher Life
  • Arguments of Arjuna at Kurukshetra and Sri Krishna’s Answer
  • Indian Identity and Cultural Continuity


  • Education at Crossroads
  • A National Agenda for Education
  • Education for Tomorrow
  • Education for Character Development
  • Child, Teacher and Teacher Education
  • Innovations in Education

Booklet Series

  • Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
  • Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy of Nationalism and Internationalism
Also by Kireet Joshi

Also by Kireet Joshi
  • Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy of Human Development and Contemporary Crisis
  • Introduction to Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy of the Ideal of Human Unity
  • Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy of Evolution
  • Towards Universal Fraternity
  • Problem of Knowledge _ Problem of Causality, Change and Time
  • The Veda in the Light of Sri Aurobindo
  • On Hinduism
  • Educational Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
  • Party System and Values of Honesty and Efficiency
  • Vedic Ideals of Education
  • Importance of Sanskrit
  • Beyond Religion: Towards Synthesis, Harmony and Integral Spirituality
  • Philosophical Notes on Ibn Rushd
  • Contemporary Crisis of Humanity and Search for its Solutions

Edited by Kireet Joshi
Teaching Learning Material for Teacher Training

  • The Aim of Life
  • The Good Teacher and the Good Pupil
  • Mystery and Excellence of the Human Body
Also by Kireet Joshi

Also by Kireet Joshi

Monographs Related to the theme of Illumination, Heroism and Harmony

  • Parvati’s Tapasya
  • Nachiketas
  • Taittiriya Upanishad
  • Sri Rama
  • Sri Krishna in Brindavan
  • Nala and Damayanti
  • Svapna Vasavadattam
  • Episodes from Raghuvamsham
  • The Crucifixion
  • The Siege of Troy
  • Gods and the World
  • Homer and The Iliad - Sri Aurobindo and Ilion
  • Socrates
  • Alexander the Great
  • Joan of Arc
  • Catherine the Great
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Danton and the French Revolution
  • Marie Sklodowska Curie
  • Uniting Men - Jean Monnet
  • Proofs of the Existence of God
  • Science and Spirituality
  • Napoleon
Also by Kireet Joshi

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