Philosophy of Value-Oriented Education -Theory and Practice


      An unnamed bird procured a gem and teased the king by saying that it was richer than the king was. The angry king robbed the bird of the jewel by force and the bird went on teasing, "the king is actually poor and grow rich with my jewel." This angered the king all the more and he threw away the entire jewel. The bird again teased the king sarcastically saying that being frightened by it, the king parted with the jewel. The king became furious this time and captured the bird with the help of hunters and handed it over to the cook to make a curry of it. The bird slipped out of the hand of the cook in his careless moment. Afraid of the king's fury, the cook prepared a curry of frogs. When the lunch was served to the king the bird teased saying, "The king is eating frogs. Look! I am here, I am here".

      The following points have been discussed keeping these stories (folk-tales, legends and myths) as the samples of folk or tribal literature of Orissa.

      Selection of materials;


      Common folk motifs;

      Contributing to the knowledge system from generation to generation;

      Exploring the possibility of the use of such materials in Value-Oriented Education.

      * * *

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