Philosophy of Value-Oriented Education -Theory and Practice


The Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR) has undertaken exploration in Value-Oriented Education from the point of view of Philosophical Theory as also its practical implications. As the subject is vast, the Council envisaged a series of seminars on the subject during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period (2002-03 to 2006-07).

      The first Seminar in the series was designed to initiate discussions on the following themes:

      (a) Basic issues on the meaning of values and the place of Value-Oriented Education at the present juncture of India's historical development;

      (b) The present system of education, its origin in Macaulay's Minutes on Education, and the defects of the present system that can be traced to Macaulay and his followers;

      (c) Recent efforts made by the Government in respect of introducing Value-Oriented Education at all levels of education;

      (d) Study of the Fundamental Duties;

      (e) Introduction of Value Education through every subject of study in the school system;

      (f) Value-Oriented Education in the tertiary level;

      (g) Experiments in Value-Oriented Education at the national level in different parts of the country; and

      (h) Preparation of teaching-learning materials for promoting Value-Oriented Education in the country.

      About 250 philosophers, educationists and teachers from different parts of India participated in the Seminar. The programme of the first day centred on issues relating to the philosophical foundations of Value-Oriented Education. The themes of subsequent days were: (i) Vision of Value-Oriented Education and Innovative Practices that have been introduced by different governmental and non-governmental organizations, and (ii) Contributions of Literature to Value-Oriented Education.

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