Significance of Indian Yoga - An Overview



When and how Yoga began to grow and develop is not known. But when we come to the Veda,' the most ancient extant composition of the world, we find in it quite a developed system, self-conscious and self-assured, of human psychology and of the methods and processes by which the psychological operations can be subtilised, recombined and heightened or else newer and higher operations can be generated and made active for their highest possible effectivity. Goals are known and fixed, and the path to reach those goals has been hewed and commonly known among the Rishis. Veda even declares that the Path was discovered by the human forefathers, pitaro manushyah.

According to the Veda, the spirits of these great ancestors still assist their offsprings; for the new dawns repeat the old and lean forward in light to join the dawns of the future. Kanwa, Kutsa, Atri, Kakshiwan, Gotama, Shunahshepa, have become types of certain spiritual victories which tend to be constantly repeated in the experience of humanity. The seven sages, the Angirasas, had chanted the word, rent the cave, found the lost herds of light and recovered the hidden sun, and even now they are waiting and are ready to help us in our struggle for the victory.

The Veda speaks of the Angirasas as the seers of Truth,

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