Significance of Indian Yoga - An Overview

Notes and References

' It is believed that in its original condition Veda was one, but it was Rishi Vyasa who divided it into collections, Samhitas, Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, and Atharva Veda. The antiquity of the Veda has been a subject of discussion and dispute. But it is acknowledged that it is the oldest available record in the world.

'2-Rig Veda (7?VJ, X.67.1.

3 The Angirasa legend and the conquest or recovery of the Sun and the Dawn are frequent subjects of allusion in the hymns of the Rig Veda. See in particular, 1.62; VI. 17.3; Vtl.90.4; VII.98.6; see also VI.60.2;

VI.44.22; VI.62.11; 1.93.4; IV.50.4-5; Vl.73.1; VI.66.8; VI.54.5-6.

4 RV.V11.60.5.

5 RV, 1.164.47.

6 WJV.3.4.

7 RV,1112.7;V11.66.3.

8 RV, 1.77.1. 9 RV,V.2.[.

10 RV,111.25.1.

11 RV, 1.70.2.

12 RV, 1.66.1.

13 RV, 1.23.14.

14 RV, VII.49. 15"Rv.IV.58..

16 Cf.1.1.8, where Agni is described as increasing in his own home, sve dame.

17 RV,1.1.5.

18 RV, 1.154.4; tridhatu can be understood as triple Infinite, which is in the Upanishads called Sachchidananda.

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