Sri Aurobindo and Integral Yoga

experience of the Silence or of the Being or of the experience of Silence beyond Silence or of the Non-Being are so close to the Divine and the Absolute, so penetrated with the reality of Its presence or with the ineffable peace and power of the liberation from all that is less than It, that they carry with them an overwhelming sense of finality, complete and decisive. As Sri Aurobindo points out, there are a hundred ways of approaching the Supreme Reality and, as is the nature of the way taken, so will be the nature of the ultimate experience by which one passes into That which is ineffable, That of which no report can be given to the mind or expressed by any utterance. Sri Aurobindo terms all these definitive culminations as penultimates of the one Ultimate. A supreme experience is the one which affirms and includes the truth of all spiritual experiences, gives to each its own absolute, integralises all knowledge and experience in a supreme reality. In this light, it may be said that all spiritual experiences are true, but they point towards some highest and widest reality which admits that truth and exceeds it. According to Sri Aurobindo, in the passage from mental to overmind cognition, one realizes many-sided unity, and the whole manifestation assumes the appearance of a singular and mighty harmony which reaches its greatest completeness when the soul stands on the border between Overmind and Supermind and looks back with a total view upon existence.

In that total view, two other major but penultimate experiences can be specially underlined, because one of them belongs to the path of the divine works and the other belongs to the path of the divine love, just as the penultimate experiences of the silent Being and the silent Non-Being are, as we have seen above, the culminating points of the exclusive path of Divine Knowledge.

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