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From the beginning of existence until Sri Aurobindo's departure, I was in the consciousness that one can climb up, one can know, one can have all the experiences (in fact, one had them), but when one came back in the body..., it was these old for-mi-da-ble mental laws which governed everything. And then, all these years have been years to prepare —to prepare—to free oneself and to prepare—, and these last days, it was... ah! the PHYSICAL confirmation, made by the body, that it had changed.

It must be 'worked out' as one says, it has to be realised in all details, but the change Is DoNE—the change is done.

This is to say that the material conditions which had been elaborated by the mental, FIXED by it (Mother closes her fist tightly), and which appeared so inevitable, to the extent that those who had a living experience of the higher worlds thought that one had to escape from this world, to abandon this material world if one truly wanted to live in the Truth (that is the cause of all those theories and all those beliefs), but now, it is no more like that. Now, it is no more like that. The physical is CAPABLE of receiving the Superior Light, the Truth, the true Consciousness and to ma-ni-fest it.

It is not easy, it requires endurance and will, but the day will come when it will be totally natural. The door has just—just been opened—that's all, now we must go ahead.


Naturally, what was established is clinging and desperately defending itself. That's why all this trouble (gesture of swarming in the terrestrial atmosphere)—it has lost the game. It is over. It is over.


It took... a little more than one year for this Consciousness to win this Victory. And yet, naturally, it is visible only to those who have the inner vision, but... but it is done.

(long silence)

This was that, the work that Sri Aurobindo had given to me. Now, I understand."

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