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Contemporary Global World

2. Contemporary Global World:

This course may have two components (Annexure - II). The first component may consist of the study of:

(h) Greek Culture, Renaissance and contemporary scientific climate;

(i) Religions of the past and the contemporary attitudes;

(j) Relevance of lessons of - French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Russian Revolution, Discovery and development of USA, — to the contemporary world;

(k) World of Science and the Future;

(l) World of Industry and Commerce and the Future;

Evolution of Humanity and the Future - question of human progress, fulfillment, new directions;

The second component may consist of a number of alternatives and students may be allowed to have a choice to choose two or three of the following and similar subjects:

a) Philosophy of Liberty, equality and Fraternity;

b) Contemporary Crisis and the Future;

c) International Sports;

d) Contemporary interdisciplinary studies;

e) Prospect of a New World Culture;

f) New Movements in Health and Healing;

g) UNO and international agencies - their origin, their significance and their role;

h) Commercial Geography and ICT;

i) Contemporary International Relationship;

j) Problems of Human Unity;

k) Frontiers of Physics and Biotechnology;

l) Theories of Justice;

m) Problem of Energy;

n) Philosophy of Science: Induction, Critical Rationality, March of Knowledge;

o) Synthesis of Science and Spirituality;

p) Contemporary challenges of Education;

q) Utopias and New Visions of the Future;

r) Space Travel and Implications for the Future;

s) Contemporary World-Art and Contemporary World of Drama/Dance/Cinema;

t) Nationalism and Internationalism.

Contemporary Global World

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