Indian Institute of Teacher Education - Education for Integral Development of Personality

Education for Integral Development of Personality

9. Education for Integral Development of Personality:

If the teacher is conceived as a gardener and a child as the bud that contains within itself the potentialities of full-blown flower, we may be able to get the insights as to what has to be the role of the teacher while tending the bud so that it receives necessary environment, atmosphere, influence and some kind of intervention of intelligent and deliberate but extremely careful and restrained care of the teacher. The teacher is not merely an instructor, but she provides atmosphere and environment through her own internalized values, capacities and also her knowledge and wisdom. Only thinkers can produce thinkers, and only the courageous can impart inspiration towards heroism; only light can kindle lamps, and only the kind and the compassionate can provide to the students the required warmth and uplifting influence. How to implement this oft repeated precept into actual practice of teaching and learning in a class situation has to be worked out carefully. In the relevant Annexure-IVa tentative curriculum has been presented.

Education for Integral Development of Personality

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