Indian Institute of Teacher Education - Fundamental Duties

Fundamental Duties

5. Fundamental Duties:

The course related to Fundamental Duties, in its first component would provide to the student a general introduction to the following themes (Annexure - V)

  1. History of Freedom Struggle;

  2. History of National Flag and National Anthem;

  3. Ideals referred to in - (a) Preamble to the Constitution; (b) Directive Principles; and (c) Fundamental Duties;

  4. Concepts of Duties and Rights;

  5. Critical study of concept of Nationalism, Freedom and Internationalism;

  6. Meaning of Scientific Temper, Humanism and Freedom to inquire;

  7. Meaning of Excellence.

In addition, in its second component, it would provide to the students a possibility of more detailed study of two or three of the any following or allied themes:

a. India’s problems of environmental protection in the context of the "Inconvenient Truth" by A.L.Gore;

b. Community Service relating to:

  1. Village Work;

  2. Road building;

  3. Cottage Industries;

  4. Technical Help to villagers and in regard to the knowledge and practice concerning - (a) Soil; (b) Crops; (c) Marketing; (d) Weather, etc.; (e) Organic Farming, etc.

c. Problems of National defense and how to participate in National Defense;

d. History of India’s Spirit of Synthesis;

e. Excellence in National Development (Any two Domains);

f. Excellence in Integral Development of Personality (qualities regarding physical health, vital heroism, rational thought, ethical qualities, aesthetic qualities, spiritual qualities);

g. Valuable lessons of Indian History and Heritage;

h. Ideal of Fraternity;

i. Meaning of Sovereignty, Unity, Integrity and Solidarity of the nation;

j. Importance of Education, particularly Education of the Child.

Fundamental Duties

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