Indian Institute of Teacher Education - Multisided Physical Education

Multisided Physical Education

11. Multisided Physical Education:

One of the great deficiencies in Indian system of education is its neglect of meaningful programme of physical education. Sometimes what goes under the programme of yoga has not been sufficiently well planned and what goes under P.T. is so perfunctory that it neither serves the purposes of health nor of strength nor of agility of the physical bodies of the students. A healthy and strong body should be regarded as pre-requisite for any candidate to be a good teacher. Only then the teacher will be able to inspire the child to become a good gymnast, athlete or swimmer, body builder or a good yogi having the right type of the body for spiritual accomplishments.

In the relevant Annexure XI details of this programme have been suggested, and it may be recommended that every student in the IITE should undergo a comprehensive and multisided physical education, and the Institute must find the required time for this purpose.

Multisided Physical Education

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