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Skill-oriented Education

3. Skill-oriented Education:

The third course - Skill-Oriented Education will also have two components. The first component would provide a general idea of what exactly skill means and what kind of skills are demanded in the contemporary world. It may also provide a short discussion on psychology of skill development and how basic skills of head, heart and hand can be blended. Finally, this course may also provide to every student skills for running a home and an office. (Annexure - III)

The second component of this course may allow a student to choose two or three of the following, so that every student gets opportunity to develop corresponding skills:

  1. Computer and shorthand in various languages;

  2. Reception and role of PRO in various organizations;

  3. Reporting various kinds of meetings, events, personalities (in contemporary world);

  4. Knowledge of History and Geography for Cultural Tourism;

  5. Writing a book on a subject of choice or Magazine or Articlers (on various subjects - Arts, Science, Commerce, Sports, General- Knowledge);

  6. Research;

  7. Musical Skills;

  8. Teaching and Communication;

  9. Engineering Skills - Electrical, Mechanical, Civil;

  10. Correspondence;

  11. Story-telling;

  12. Translation.

Skill-oriented Education

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