Indian Institute of Teacher Education - Value-Oriented Education

Value-Oriented Education

4. Value-Oriented Education:

The course on Value-Oriented Education, in its first component part, would provide basic philosophy of Value-Oriented Education, and its second component would provide exploration in any of two or three allied themes (Annexure - IV)

(a) Explorations in -

  1. Aim of Life;

  2. Truth, None-Violence, Continence, Non-Stealing, Non-Covetousness;

  3. Secrets of Learning to grow towards Excellence;

  4. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity;

  5. Secrets of - Self-control, and Self-mastery through Illumination, Heroism and Harmony;

  6. Truth, Beauty and Goodness;

(b) Study of Five great and perennial quests - God, Light, Freedom, Bliss and Immortality;

(c) History of Indian system of Values;

(d) Utilitarianism versus Intuitionism: Solution.

Value-Oriented Education

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