Lincoln Idealist and Pragmatist - Message


Man approaches nearer his perfection when he combines in himself the idealist and the pragmatist, the originative soul and the executive power. Great executive person­alities have usually been men of a considerable idealism. Some indeed have served a purpose rather than an ideal; even in the idea that guided or moved them they have leaned to its executive rather than its inspiring and origi­native aspect; they have sought their driving force in the interest, passion and emotion attached to it rather than in the idea itself. Others have served consciously a great single thought or moral aim which they have laboured to execute in their lives. But the greatest men of action who were endowed by Nature with the most extraordinary force of accomplishment, have owed it to the combina­tion in them of active power with an immense drift of originative thought devoted to practical realisation.1

— Sri Aurobindo

1. Essays in Philosophy and Yoga, Ideals and Progress, On Ideals, Volume 13, The Complete Works Of Sri Aurobindo © Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust 1998


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