Marie Sklodowska Curie

Marie Sklodowska Curie


      The life of Marie Curie contains prodigies in such number that one would like to tell her story like a legend.


      — Eve Curie

Polish childhood and adolescence

Marya Sklodowska was born on 7th November 1867 in Warsaw. She was the youngest in a family of five children, composed of four girls: Sophie or Zosia (1862), Bronislava or Bronya (1865), Helena or Hela (1866), Marya (1867), and one boy, Joseph, josio (1863). Little Marya, the favorite child, had many pet names, such as Manya, Manusia, Anupecio, as was often the case in Poland where affectionate names and diminutives are much used. Marya was a very lively child who loved to learn: at the age of four she could read, but her parents were prudent pedagogues and dreaded the precocity of their little girl. They wanted Marya to play the games of her age. When she asked, "May I read?" her mother often replied: "Manusia, I wish you would go into the

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