Mystery and Excellence on The Human Body - Triumphant Courage - Notes

Triumphant Courage - Notes


Life's Chronology of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1882 Birth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Hyde Park, New York.  1900 Studies at Harvard University

1904 Law studies at New York City's Columbia University

1905 Marriage with Eleanor, a distant cousin, niece of Theodore Roosevelt 

1910 Enter into the political arena. Elected as a Democrat to the New York State Senate 

1912 Re-election. Appointed by Wilson as Assistant Secretary of the Navy

1920 Chosen as the running mate of presidential candidate James M.Cox.  Defeat of their team

1921 Stricken by poliomyelitis 

1924 Resumes his political career. (Beginning of treatment at Warm Springs, a Georgia summer resort) 

1928 Elected Governor of New York 

1930 Re-election to the Governorship 

1932 Nominated Democratic Presidential Candidate 

1932 (Nov. 9) Elected President of the United States. Beginning of a reform program known as the "New Deal" 

1936 (Nov.) Re-election by the largest electoral margin in recent American history, 523 to 8.

1939 (Sept. 1) Germany invades Poland

1940 (Nov.) Re-elected President of the United States

1941 (Dec.7) Japanese attack on the American Naval base of Pearl Harbour.  America enters the war

1944 (Nov.) Fourth re-election (1s1 American President ever to be elected four  times)

1945 (Apr. 12) Death at Warm Springs from a massive cerebral haemorrhage


Triumphant Courage - Notes

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