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We may begin with a story. The story is symbolic and in­structive. This story has been composed by The Mother in he form of a drama meant for meditation. The drama is entitled "The Great Secret". It depicts the situation of the world of today through a story of a symbolic journey in a boat which is occu­pied by six passengers each one of whom represents leadership in one of the domains of world's life,— particularly, Science, Art, Athletics, Politics, Industry, Literature. Each one of them has striven his best in his field and attained considerable accomplishment. The dialogue is actually a monologue of each one of them meant for others in the boat, including one very important character, who is the seventh traveler, who is described as the Unknown Man.

They have been brought together, apparently by chance, in a life­boat in which they have taken refuge when the ship that was carrying them to a world conference on human progress sank in mid-ocean. It is realized that water in the boat is running out; provisions have come to an end; death is approaching. To take their minds off their present miseries, each one of them tells the story of his life.

Symbolically, the drama wants to convey that the entire world is like that boat which is deadly perilous, and that all of us who are traveling in this world, are heading towards a complete ruin.


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